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Social media plays a crucial role in expanding the business in the internet world. There are lot many social media sites which help the business to promote the business but not all of them are efficient neither choosing all of them in one go is a great idea to look for. Below are some major social media sites which have good reach and have proved useful for businesses.



This is the most famous and easily accessible social media site for both personal and professional use. It has the highest number of users and is not only famous in youngsters but the involvement of seniors is there too. The simple like or share of your webpage on the Facebook can help you to mark your presence on the group of the person who has given that like to you. This can help your business to increase its reach with the people who may not know you.



For the two way communication and short and crisp messages, this is the most favored social site. Not only famous amongst youngsters, but also among bigger names as well. It is definitely a god to go choice for the small business as well as big brands.



Isn’t it a good idea to promote business through videos? YouTube is popular for small videos. Every minute a new video is uploaded on the site and is good to send short and clear messages through videos.



For the b2b industry, LinkedIn has proved to be the right option. With millions of users in hundreds of countries, it is expanding its span at a greater pace. LinkedIn is popular amongst its users for peer networking and industry specific information.



Pinterest is a visual board-styled social photograph imparting site that was launched with the mission to join everybody on the web through shared taste and the things they find fascinating.


Instagram is a visual medium and is by and large a more easygoing. Use it as a chance to offer life to your little business. Individuals won’t tag you or draw in the event that it’s a restricted road of item visuals and nothing more. Draw in with your group of onlookers, show you’re keen on your potential clients.



To socially interact with the people and present yourself as an expert in the field, the forums are the useful place. IT is a place to understand people’s queries, issues and probable interests of the people, you can connect with various forums.